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The Idiot Society are Dawn Mendonça (Idiot Queen) and Bill Rivers. Moving Still is their second album. Drawing inspiration from each other’s influences and combined interests, it is a fusion of rhythm, melody and experimentation through repetition, dissonance and hypnotic beats, coupled with their personal take on Indian philosophy, the surreal and the absurd.

The Idiot Society
Moving Still

Artwork: Front | Back
Formats: 320 kbps/mp3
License: by-nc-nd
Style: Downtempo, Lo-Fi, Vocal

01 Intro
02 Letter Written In Winter
03 The Man Is The Town And The Town Is Derelict
04 Memory Melody
05 Mr. Green
06 This Night
07 When Winter Fades
08 Things Got Built Deceived Your Eyes
09 Interval
10 Cold City Blues
11 What It Is To Be Loved
12 Coming Up For Air
13 Your Heart’s No Longer Hungry
14 Sweet Song
15 In Motion
16 Let It Go
17 Outro

Written, performed and produced by The Idiot Society except tracks 2 and 7 words by Simon Hayward, track 3 words by Bill Rivers and Simon Hayward.

Tracks 3 and 8 features Roberto Lazzarino on saxophone.

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