Kreislauf 127

We’re so happy with this second release from Chicago finest “Blackdaylight”. Expect a syrupy mix of heavy rhythms and sensual melodies. This is music for the 31st century! The dense saturation and digital glitches of Blackdaylights “The Madness” serve as sonic manifestations of our chaotic modern world. The Overall sound of the album and the individual son titles reflect an unfortunately common globally feeling. Overwhelmed again and on the usp of collapse, i burn all i am as a labour of love to discover once deserted channels to reformulate the future…

The Madness

Artwork: Front by Nlz
Formats: 320 kbps/mp3
License: by-nc-nd
Style: Downtempo, Hip Hop, Jazz, Trip Hop

01 Overwhelmed
02 Again (Live)
03 On The Cusp
04 Collapse
05 Burn
06 All I Am
07 San Loco (Live)
08 Labour Of Love
09 Adult Swim (Live)
10 The Noise In The Streets (Live)
11 Deserted Channels
12 Various Fires (Live)
13 Reformulated (Live)

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