Kreislauf 126

This EP by The BYC will be a kick in your nuts… So damn powerful and sexy! Share if you like!

Battle Electro Punch – Vol. 1

Artwork: Front | Back
Formats: 320 kbps/mp3
License: by-nc-nd
Style: Downtempo, Elektro, Funk, Techno

01 Electric Boogaloo (Jazzaphilactic Shock Remix)
02 Let Loose (Bass Arcade Remix)
03 Peace-Quiet (Interlude)
04 Sweet, Nice, Beautiful (Mr. Gordon Remix)
05 Star Bounce (Orthonormal Remix)
06 Confetti (Interlude)
07 No Response (Industrial Architecture Remix)
08 A Simple Landscape

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Kreislauf 126